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FC Men's Soccer FIT Squad Dri Pants Barcelona rnBrqI68z

FIT Pants Soccer Barcelona Men's FC Dri Squad FIT Men's FC Pants Barcelona Dri Squad Soccer BioAmber and API, a Trinseo Company, co-presented at the European Biopolymers Summit

March 16, 2018
On February 14th Wladimir Moraes, Marketing Director BioAmber and Paola Scopel, Product Manager TPU/PU - Trinseo TPE Solutions gave a joint presentation at the European Biopolymers Summit held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The title of the presentation was “Case Study: Partnership in the value chain enabling innovation and accelerating commercialization of bio-based TPE solutions”.

The speech was about a successful collaboration involving BioAmber, API - a Trinseo Company - and Mitsui & Co for the development and commercialization of a performing and sustainable bio-TPU solution that is already being utilized in sneakers of a global leader in sports footwear. This solution integrates the “APILON™ 52 BIO” family of bio-TPU and leverages the best-in-class Bio-Succinic Acid from BioAmber.
The conference attendees particularly appreciated the unique example of partnership along the value chain and across industries, geographies and cultures, enabling innovation and a successful and growing commercialization opportunity for the three companies. This bio-TPU solution matched and exceeded the footwear brand’s specifications and expectations with regards to both performance and sustainability.
Trinseo offers customized bio-TPU and other biobased thermoplastic elastomer solutions for many different applications. We encourage those who are interested to contact them for more information.
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