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Aryeh Skirt Aryeh Boutique Skirt Aryeh Casual Aryeh Boutique Casual Boutique Boutique Casual Skirt School Starts August 15.  Open House-Meet the Hornets August 13 at 5:30
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News and Announcements

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Emilee represented our school and community with excellence

Tori Scott represented Blackwell FCCLA in Atlanta, Georgia this past summer and competed in her STAR Event, Career Investigation. She was awarded a Gold medal for her accomplishments.

Purchase your 2017-18 yearbook from the school office for $25

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Interested students are asked to submit designs for this year's Battle of the Bell t-shirt. Turn it in to Mrs. Ragland August 22.

On August 13-14th the Lady Hornets basketball team had a clinic to kick off the new school year. Rick Torbett from Better Basketball was the presenter. He is the inventor of the Read and React offense. He came all the way from Atlanta to present the clinic to our team. The girls spent 17 hours over two days learning new ways to integrate his techniques into our offense. Not only did we obtain a lot of new ideas we also re-enforced a lot of the fundamentals that we had already been implementing. We all learned a lot and I know it will be extremely beneficial this season and in the future. Coach Torbett was very complimentary to our team and mentioned several times how intelligent and hard working the girls were.
We would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who made this happen. To Mr. Gott for allowing us to use the facilities, to the team mothers who fed us twice a day both days, to the girls themselves. We had 16 girls there both days. Every girl who played high school basketball last year that didn’t graduate participated. That says a lot about the commitment of our team.

Again, thank you all for your continued support!!!

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Great job officers!

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